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who knows this home boy???? legend of josiah 2012 most crazy mother fucker who walks around hitting on 16 year olds and was hooked on spice for a minute before it got banned damn i miss you grand rapids

that’s not a potato
Anonymous: I would just like to say that the new season of 30 rock is absolute assho

I haven’t have the chance sry I don’t even have time to sleep these days, bro

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it’s like a rap battle

“nah rommy you need to get your facts straight, you need to go back in time and tell yo daddy to get a castrate. i’m barry O and im sick on this mic device, bout to be the only nigga runnin the free world twice.”

“yo it’s Mitt on the mic and i’m feelin hella wild, i’m gonna fuck all you bitches and not let you abort the child. you want free healthcare? go to Canada bitch, and bring your women and minorities too cause i dont give a shiiiitttt.”

this is why i love tumblr
"There is no beauty without some strangeness."

You won't forget me, will you?